Uppsala City Business Directory

Uppsala: is a city in Sweden and it is near to Stockholm. It has a population of around 3.76 lakhs. Climate in Uppsala is cold in winters and warm in summers and it has significant rainfall throughout the year. Uppsala is famed for its outstanding Cathedral and Universities. Some of the exotic places in Uppsala that are worth reconnoitering are Gamla Uppsala an ancient Yngling Dynasty, Gamla Uppsala Church, The Linnaeus Garden one of the oldest botanical garden, Gustavianum Uppsala’s oldest university, Uppsala Cathedral famous for its historical prominence and unique architecture. Some of the lip-smacking delicacies and authentic cuisines in Uppsala are Villa Anna which serves original dishes like smoked rainbow trout, soured buttermilk and black garlic, Miss Voon serves Asian dishes, Hambergs, Loco and Klostergatan 5 which serves organic produce. Public transport in Uppsala includes buses and trains.

Uppsala is a city in Sweden, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Uppsala: ärsta, Ekeby, Fälhagen, Flogsta, Fyrislund, Gamla Uppsala, Gränby, Käbo