Lund City Business Directory

Lund: is the city in Southern Sweden and it has a population of around 91,940 thousand. Climate in Lund is pleasant in summers and cold in winters. Lund is famous for its Universities; it has world’s top 100 Universities. Some of the exotic places that are worth exploring in Lund are Botanical garden with exquisite flowers and plants, Museum of Sketches , Stadsparken is a city park with gym and indoor pool, Lund University historical museum, Holy Cross Priory, Dalby, Kulturen an open air museum and Lund Cathedral which has a unique architecture and is the oldest church.Some of the renowned restaurants in Lund where you can relish delectable dishes are Dos Hermanos which serves Mexican dishes, Restaurang la Cucina which serves awesome pizzas, Ihsiri -Thai Cuisine, Mat and Destillat and Malmstens Fisk and Kok which serves delicious fish and seafood dishes. To explore this exotic city, you need to travel in buses and trains.

Lund is a city in Sweden, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.