Helsingborg City Business Directory

Helsingborg: is a coastal city in southern Sweden and it has a population of approximately 1.08 lakhs. Climate of Helsingborg is pleasant in summer and super cold in winters. Helsingborg is renowned for numerous attractive places that you must reconnoiter are Karnan which means Kernel and it is a famous landmark in Helsingborg, Fredriksdal Open air museum and Botanical garden, Tropikariet an indoor zoo where you can see animals, The Town hall, St. Marry church and Dunker Culture house. Some of the prominent cuisines which are well-liked for their delicacies in Helsingborg are Gastro Restaurant, Kitchen and table by Marcus Samuelsson, KOL and cocktails, Redimat, Tokyo 15 and Thai Corner. Public transport in Helsingborg are buses, ferries and trains.

Helsingborg is a city in Sweden, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.