Halmstad: is a port city in west coast of Sweden and it has a population of around 70,480. Climate in Halmstad is moderate and warm with significant rainfall. Halmstad is the 19th largest city in Sweden. Some of the exotic places to explore in Halmstad are Nissan River, Galberget park, HallandsGarden where you can see historic buildings, farmhouse, schoolhouse, windmills and sawmills.Tylosand Strand which is a sandy beach, Mjellby Art Museum, Halmstad Castle, Stora Torg, Hallands Konstmuseum, Danska Fall, Halmstad Arena Bad and Halmstad golf club. Some of the renowned restaurants where you can dine-in in Halmstad are Umai Sondrum, Stationsgattan44, Texas Longhorn Halmstad, Cyrano Halmstad, Hummer grill and bar, Food point indisk and Paradiso. Public conveyance available in Halmstad to explore the city are buses, trains and taxis.

Halmstad is a city in Sweden, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.