östersund City Business Directory

Ostersund is located in central Sweden. It is situated within Jamtland. The city forms the seat of the Ostersund Municipality and also serves as the capital of the Jamtland county. Ostersund is situated by the lake Storsjon. Storsjon is the fifth largest lake in Sweden. Ostersund is the urban area within Jamtland. Due to this, the city serves as the commercial hub for the Jamtland region. The Mid Sweden University has a campus in Ostersund. This campus is also the largest among all the existing ones. The city experiences subarctic climate conditions. Some popular sites of interest within the city are, Ostersund City Hall, the structure of Olof Ahlberg and the Arcturus. The Arcturus is a recent development in the city. It is a large tank that accumulates hot water. Ostersund is connected by the Ostersund Airport. This is an international airport. This airport is located in the Froson island. In terms of culture, the city is well known for the museum Jamtli. This is a popular museum that has indoor and outdoor exhibitions both. The city is the hub of cultural activities.

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